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C & M Insulation LLC

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Moisture Control & Foundation Vents


Moisture that becomes trapped in crawl spaces can lead to mold growth and related problems – including structural damage, callbacks and liability issues. The insulation products we use help reduce the presence of one of the key components for mold and mildew growth – moisture – by allowing excess moisture in the crawl space to escape.

When it comes to foundation vents, many homeowners do not realize that their home may have a damaged vent that needs replacing. If we replace the vent, it will insure that pests do not enter your home; thereby keeping your family safer and your insulation undamaged while providing proper ventilation.

Is the picture on the top left what your crawl space looks like? It's time to give C&M Insulation a call so that they can turn your dangerous, energy inefficient crawl space into the picture you see to your right. Crawl spaces are traditionally a source of energy waste. The one to the left has a moisture problem. The Insulation should be removed and replaced in the affected areas. A moisture barrier should be installed to have a clean, moisture free crawlspace as shown on the right.

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